How are Your Roof Damaged by the Hail Storm? 

Your residential or commercial roof is basically designed to withstand exterior elements and be strong and sturdy. But how is that possible that something such as little frozen ice balls can destroy such havoc? 

Hail Storm 

Maybe, you just endured a storm, particularly a hail storm or would want to take proactive way in preparation for the upcoming stormy months. The sound of hail stones dropping on your roof is already enough to bring about tears to the eyes of the homeowners. While you cannot avoid the hail storm or the roof damage caused by it, you can have the needed roof repair in order to make sure your house is totally safe in the days, months and even years to come.  

How is Your Roofing System Damaged by Hail Storm? 

Roofing damage from hail may sometimes look minor to the eye however, the real damage can be more extreme. When there is a hail storm, the main factors that influence the degree of roofing damage include the positioning of barriers and neighboring houses like trees and other structures, the building materials of the roof, density and size of the hail stones and wind.  

Furthermore, hail can only be as large as a softball or golf ball or just a size of a pea. And obviously, size plays a big role in the degree of damage. In addition to that, stones can have rough surfaces which can puncture your roof. If your roofing is in a damaged state or is already older, it is more vulnerable to damage from the hail stones. 

It is very essential to get an accurate inspection from a professional and well-experienced roof expert immediately right after the storm. A professional roof inspection will make sure you determine any latent damage not visible to the ordinary eyes. Professional roofing companies Columbia SC will be able to identify exactly what is happening with your roofing system, thus, this is very vital for a proper repair as well as for filing any insurance reimbursement.  

The following are some of the few common signs of roof damage caused by hail storm that the expert may identify during a professional roof inspection: 

  1. Water damage causing leaks
  2. Loosened or missing shingles
  3. Weakened seal integrity
  4. Splitting wood shingles
  5. Lost shingle granules which cause accelerated roof aging
  6. Deteriorating roofing materials like holes in protective cover
  7. Fracturing or exposure of fiberglass matt under the roof

The professional roof expert will also provide you with a comprehensive repair plan and an accurate list of the damages of your roofing. As a matter of fact, you can always acquire additional quotations from other roof companies to make sure you are getting a thorough quote which meets your budget and needs.  

Choosing the Right Roof Company for Repair of Hail Damage 

You will find that there are several roof companies which can give you quote for the repair of hail damage. The key is finding a roofing company which will provide you the expertise and customer service you need in order to get the task done appropriately the first time.  

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